Best Baby Doll Stroller For Toddler Girls

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Best Baby Doll Stroller, Baby Doll Strollers, baby doll stroller for toddlerHi, I know some of you are looking for the best baby doll strollers for your little girl to play with. So I have decided to put all the ones on here that I think are the best.

There are five of them on here for you to select from. All of them are so adorable and in pink color. Well, it is obviously stated that pink is for little girls and blue is for boys. I wish I could have a little girl but instead have two boys.

Just to let you know, all of the doll strollers on here do not include a doll. You would have to buy them separately. If you need a cute little doll for the stroller, please click here to check it out and a lot more of other styles of baby doll strollers by clicking here.

Having a stroller along with a doll might be a little better to play with. At least your baby girl can push instead of just holding it. Besides, she can have a  lot more fun than just with the doll.


Fisher-Price Brilliant Basics Stroll-Along Walker

This stroller is more of a two in one item. It can be used as a stroller for the doll and as a walker for your little girl.

It is a great way of teaching her how to walk with her first steps and at the same time teaching her how to take care of a baby for the future.

This item is recommended for the ages of 9 months and up, so she will have plenty of time to practice and play with it.

The stroller is made with a wide wheel base and with a sturdy handle to support your little girl.

The place where it’s close to the handle has an attached wiggly bear. The bear can play three different tunes when it is pressed.

There are a lot more other fun items added to the stroller, like the spinners, flip book in the front and a roller bar.

It includes three button cell batteries, so it will save you the hassle of going to the store to buy batteries to test it out. Bottom line, if you need a walker for your baby girl then go with this one. It is very popular and has awesome ratings. Note: It doesn’t come with a doll. You would have to buy it separately.


Joovy Toy Doll Caboose Tandem Stroller – Pink Dot

The Joovy Toy Doll Caboose Tandem Stroller is my number one choice. It is in pink dots. You can also select the blue color one if you prefer.

This one is more for an older kid, like for the ages of 24 months and up.

This one looks exactly like a real baby stroller. It can fit up to three dolls with dolls up to 20 inches.

The places where you can put the doll in this stroller are the stand on platform, the front and the rear bench seats. All three of those places are equipped with real harnesses.

The front seat has a 5 point adjustable harness, the bench seat has a three point harness and the stand on has a 2 point harness. How cool is that?

It doesn’t limit you to put only dolls. You can put stuffed toys, like a bear. It is your little girl’s choice to make.

The canopy and tray are removable. The wheels are swivel, making it easier to move when pushing. The most and best of all, it can be folded flat for storage when it is not in use. That means it takes less space in your room.

If you like you have the option to buy the matching car seat, booster seat and a playpen along with it.


Badger Basket 3-in-1 Doll Pram Carrier and Stroller

This one has a different style than the others. It really does look like a basket and it is in pink color with polka dots.

It is super cute. The pink and white colors match this design perfectly.

As you can see, the title said it is a three in one item. That means you can turn it into three things.

It can be used as a stroller, doll pram and a carrier. Pretty nifty right?

The handle has a rubber grip, so it makes it more comfortable for pushing.

It can fit up to 24 inches in a doll size. This item is great for the ages of 36 months to 7 years old.

Click the image on the left to read more about it.


Badger Basket Folding Doll Umbrella Stroller

This one is designed for 36 months to 7 years old. It can fit up to 18 inch dolls.

It does have a seat belt and a basket on the bottom. This one has only one wheel on each of the four legs. So it might not be possible to make turns like the other one that has double wheels.

This one is foldable as well for easy storage.  If it gets dirty, you can wipe it clean with a damp cloth on the fabric.

You can also add a mild soap along with the cleaning. This one requires assembly before playing.

If you don’t like this idea, you can select the one below. It doesn’t required assembly.  At least save some of your time if you are not  good with it.



Pink & White Polka Dots Doll Stroller With Hood

Here is another pink and white polka dots stroller with hood, seat belt and basket to hold your other small items.

This one comes fully assembled, so no need to spend extra time to set it up. That means your baby girl can play with it right from the box.

It is good for the ages of 18 months and up. It is also foldable for easy storage.

An 18 inch doll can fit into it and it is lead free if you are worried about that.

This one has double wheels for the four legs to maintain its stability.

The hood is possible to fold as well. The measurement for this item is about 22.5″H  10″W  20″D