Inflatable Black Cat

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Inflatable Black Cat, Inflatable Black Cat With Moving HeadWhat do you think of an inflatable black cat Halloween decorations? Some of them are pretty nifty and spooky looking? Black cats are a good theme for Halloween, along with witches, ghosts, grim reapers, and vampires.

Personally I like the black cat theme the most because I happen to like cats. I know a lot of people who are cat lovers but just pondering if they have inflatables for dogs. There might be but it might not be appropriate to use it to decorate for Halloween. A cat goes with the witch, but what does a dog go with? Do you have any idea?

I also like Halloween because it’s fun and you get a lot of candy to eat. We didn’t have these inflatable decorations when I was little, but if they were available then I would have asked my parents to get the Black Cat.

Inflatable Black Cat With Moving Head

6 Foot Airblown Animated Black Cat

After finished searching for all the available inflatable Halloween black cats online below picture is my favorite black cat.
It is a 6 foot long inflatable cat that is weather resistant by the company of Gemmy. When it is inflated the size is about 6′ x 4′. It comes with an AC adapter and the cord is about 5 foot long and also it includes tethers and stakes. Did I mention the cat can light up and its head moving back and forth? Pretty nifty huh.

Inflatable Black Cat

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If a 6 is not big enough for your Halloween decoration, how about a 7, 8, 11 and even a 20 foot big inflatable. I have seen many different size of black cat inflatables. Of course they have smaller than a 6 foot. I think 6 foot is just about the right size. They also have many different styles of cats. Some of them have funny looking and some of them are with pumpkins.

Animated Inflatable Halloween Cat Video

What this animated inflatable Halloween cat in action on video. It is a really short video. It is about 18 second long.

Large Inflatable Halloween Black Cat

Here are some more cool inflatable black cat decoration ideas in different sizes. The one on the right side is a 20 foot animated inflatable giant black cat.

If you need that big of a size, then this is perfect. It includes everything, like the tethers, ground stakes and inflator fan.

I really like the black cat gazeebo! If you want to see what it looks like, you may do so by clicking they hyper link.

I think it’s very creative and unique. If you are planning on sitting out on your lawn or driveway to pass out candy on Halloween this inflatable would be great to sit under!