Kidkraft So Chic Dollhouse 65078 Review

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Kidkraft So Chic DollhouseThis is a Kidkraft So Chic Dollhouse 65078 review for you to read. Be sure to read this review first before making your decision.

This is a very nice looking dollhouse for your little princess to play with.

This dollhouse also makes a great gift for someone else such as on Christmas, birthday or any other special day.

Your little girl will love getting a dollhouse because they are so nice looking and girls love imagining them as their own house.

This beautiful and unique dollhouse has 3 stories and an open design so that it can be played with from all 4 sides. With 45 detailed pieces of furniture and 10 different rooms your little girl will have so much fun imagining and playing dolls in this dollhouse!

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Kidkraft So Chic Dollhouse 65078

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There are a lot of different designs and styles of dollhouses, so here are the specifics of the KidKraft So Chic Dollhouse to help you make the best choice of what type of dollhouse to get for your little girl.

  • This dollhouse is for fashion dolls with sizes up to 12 inches tall.
  • Open design lets your kids play from all sides of the house.
  • It has 2 bright pink staircases for the dolls to move around to different floors.
  • Ten different rooms and three levels give this dollhouse plenty of versatility.
  • This dollhouse rolls on casters so it can be moved easily to different locations.
  • Made of sturdy wood with intricate detail.
  • Recommended from 36 months to 7 years of age.
  • The dimensions of this dollhouse are 34.2 x 27.2 x 46.2 inches and it weighs 71.4 pounds.

Kidkraft So Chic Dollhouse Review

Check out what other users have to say

This doll house has a very high average rating. It is a little higher than the KidKraft Chelsea Doll Cottage while writing this review. The average rating might change it to lower or even higher. It is all depending on the consumer who bought this doll house.

When comparing with the price with these two dollhouses, the Chelsea doll house cost less with the listed price. If you are on a tight budget then you should go with that one.

Personally, I like the So Chic one because it is bigger and that means you can buy bigger dolls for your little girl to play with and also at the same time has more room.

Here are some pros and cons given by reviewers who have purchased the So Chic Dollhouse:

  • The walls and furniture are made of wood, not cheap flimsy plastic or cardboard.
  • So durable, it can be handed down to other siblings.
  • This dollhouse really expands kids’ imaginations!
  • Great customer service from KidKraft – they quickly shipped a missing part with no hassle involved.
  • Very detailed – takes about 3 hours to assemble.
  • Perfect for Barbie dolls or other similar size dolls.
  • Huge dollhouse! Big enough for several kids to play at once.
  • Younger children may have some trouble reaching the top floor.
  • This is the dollhouse I always dreamed of having!
  • The kids love it! They never get tired of playing with it!
  • The wheels on the bottom make it very easy to pivot and move around.

From the reviewers’ perspective, this is definitely the dollhouse to get! It’s beautiful, spacious, and durable. And best of all kids love it!

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