Baby Groot Halloween Costume For Infant, Toddler, and Child

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Baby Groot Halloween Costume, Baby Groot Halloween Costume For Infant, Baby Groot Halloween Costume For ToddlerThis baby Groot halloween costume will come in handy for my son to wear to trick or treat for this year’s Halloween.

Honestly, my son has no idea what he is going to be this year and I just happened to watch the movies Guardians of the Galaxy 1 and 2. I find the baby Groot in the second movie to be very adorable.

I have to say I love the way he is saying “I am Groot” all the time because that is the only word he can say most of the time.

Who is your favorite character in Guardians of the Galaxy? I am guessing it is Groot too right, since you happened to land on this page? LOL………

So I was on a hunt for this costume design for my son. During my research I have come across 4 slightly different styles of this costume and they have several different sizes to select from. I most likely need to get the biggest size for my son since he is pretty big.

All four of the costumes are made by the popular company name Rubies. If you buy costumes for Halloween every year, I am pretty sure you have heard of them.

There are other available character costumes to choose from such as Rocket, Drax, Gamora and more. In my opinion, this style of costume can be worn by either a boy or girl. People can’t really tell if you are a boy or girl if you are wearing a mask. If you have a little princess and she wants to be Groot you should let her.

Groot Costume Child Size With Included Mask

This one is available in three different sizes to choose from and they are small, medium and large. I would most likely go with this design because this is the only design that has a size that fits my little one.

I am planning to get the large size. It includes the following items – the mask, shoe covers and jumpsuit costume. Great I like it, it has less pieces to keep track of.

If you like you can probably get matching hands for this costume. It looks kind of creepy to me, so I won’t be getting it. You can click here to check it out.

If you decide to go with this style, you should check the size chart to see if your little one will fit into any of the sizes. You don’t want to get the wrong size and have the hassle of returning it.

This one seem a little more popular than the other ones. The rating is not bad. It meets my requirements. The price is decent as well.

I might have to make my little one wear something underneath it if the Halloween night is cold. I want him to have fun but not catch a cold.

Groot Boxed Dress-Up Set Costume For Toddler

I would really want to get this style for my kid. I think this one is a more realistic look of the character. But I can’t get this one since the sizes they have don’t fit my son.

Maybe you can get it for your kid if your little one is in that range. This one is more for a toddler kid and it is in a small size with a waist of 25 to 26 inches. The height is 44 to 48 inches tall.

This is also a one piece costume with an included foam mask. It said it comes in a box for easy giving as a gift.

It is super adorable for a little toddler wearing to trick or treat for Halloween.

Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2 Toddler Deluxe Groot Costume

The style for this one is only available in x-small size. It is a little smaller than the above toddler size one.

The included mask for this one is a lot more flexible than the other three ones since it doesn’t cover the mouth. That means your baby can eat the treats freely, if he or she is hungry during the event.

This item is designed for toddlers weighing in the range of 30 to 40 pounds who are around 35 to 39 inches tall with a waist around no more than 24 inches.

If your little one is in this range then pick this one to go with. This item is imported and made with polyester material.

It is a jumpsuit with attached cover shoes. If you must know, the manufacturer has a recommended age of between 24 months to 3 years old.

Infant Baby Groot Halloween Costume for Baby Girl Available Sizes 6 Months to 2T

While writing this article when I checked these two costumes, both items had the sizes of 6 months to 2T. When you check it, they might NOT be available in stock due to the popularity of the items. So if you find the size and design you like, you should go ahead and buy it.

If you come back at a later time it might not be available anymore in stock. Both items are designed just for girls to wear them. Aren’t they adorable and pretty? Your baby girl will definitely give you a memorable Halloween event.


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