Radio Flyer Ultimate Comfort Wagon Reviews

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Radio Flyer Classic Walker WagonThis Radio Flyer Ultimate Comfort Wagon is a luxurious wagon for kids. If you want the best for your kids this is the wagon to get.

This wagon is designed with long outdoor excursions in mind, but it’s also great for a trip around the block and indoor use as well.

In other words, this wagon is a great fit for any kind of usage. And best of all, your kids will love it too!


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Radio Flyer Ultimate Comfort Wagon Reviews

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This wagon is loaded with features!

Wagons may seem the same, but they have a lot of differences from each other based on the features. You can get a plain standard wagon, or you can get one with add-ons and different benefits. The more features your wagon has, the more flexible its uses are.

  • Comes with 2 comfortable five-way flip and fold seats that you can adjust for multiple riding options.
  • The seats also contain padded cushions to give your kids the most comfortable ride. It’s great for those extra long trips!
  • A removable canopy is included to protect your kids from harmful UV rays.
  • Includes an expandable rear storage for bringing toys, water bottles, and other items along.
  • The seats also include storage pockets for even more storage options.
  • For extra safety, the front axle is designed for non-tip turning so your wagon doesn’t tip over when making sharp turns.
  • The extra large tires provide a quiet relaxing ride.
  • All extra features are easily attached and removed for your convenience and ease of use.
  • This wagon is recommended for kids ages 18 months to 5 years.
  • This product measures 41.5 x 18.5 x 13.8 inches and weighs 32.7 pounds.

Radio Flyer Ultimate Comfort Wagon Reviews

This Radio Flyer Wagon has very high rating stars on This amazing rating shows that customers are very happy with this product.

Here are some reviewer pros and cons about this wagon:

    • This wagon is a great investment. It’s great for taking on trips and the canopy keeps the kids from getting too hot.
    • Kids love it! Even though they don’t like riding in strollers they love the wagon and think it’s fun. This wagon can even be used as an alternative to a stroller.
    • The seats are very comfortable. They can even fold flat so your little one can lay down and take a nap.
    • This wagon has all the accessories for the best price.
    • The wagon even has drains in it in case of spills. The expandable bag can also be used as a diaper bag.
    • It’s sturdy and very easy to put together.
    • Beware, this wagon is very large so it will take a lot of space in your car going on road trips.

Reviewers overwhelmingly feel this wagon is a great value for the price. Their kids love riding in it, and they love all the great features that are included.

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