Unique Ceramic Teapots

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Unique Ceramic Teapots, unusual Ceramic TeapotsI have come across six unique ceramic teapots online that I would like to share with you. They are just too darn cute to keep them to myself.

Once you have seem them, you will totally agree with me on their cuteness. Really, how can you resist it?

Each one of them has its own style and uniqueness. It will look great in your kitchen or on your dining table. All six of them are made with ceramic material and carefully hand painted from the artists.

These teapots are fully functional and not just for decorating, but some are only just used for decorating instead.

What I mean by functional is that you can use it to put real water and tea or tea bags in the teapot for drinking your favorite tea.

Of course you can use it to serve your guests and at the same time you can view the adorable teapot. I bet you will never get bored of seeing it.

Your guests might ask you where you have gotten the teapot though. It is really that appealing.

Dining Car

This little teapot is called “Dining Car“. It is in pink and white. Well it looks like it’s in pink and white colors to me, and it also looks like a trailer that you can take on a road trip.

I wish we could own a trailer, because we always have to drive at least 48 hours back and forth to visit my family twice a year.

That way, we will have more resting time. I just can’t sleep in a regular compact car. Can you sleep in a car while it’s in motion?

Anyway, this is my number one choice for a teapot. If you can find matching tea cups, it will be awesome to complete the set. A teapot can serve tea without cups right?

The measurement for this pot is about 8 inches X  5 inches X 6 inches. You really don’t need a pot that big to serve tea unless you are a heavy tea drinker.


Have you seen a typewriter that can serve you tea or water and not to mention a yellow color one? No, not me.

This is the first time I am seeing it and it is pretty adorable. It looks like it has eyes and a nose in the middle.

Speaking of typewriters, how fast can you type? To be honest with you, I don’t even know how fast I can type, but I can tell you I can drink tea pretty fast when it is warm and not hot. LOL………

Typewriters are pretty much obsolete these days since computers are taking over. My first typewriter was in the 80s and it had an LCD screen. I don’t think I can find it anymore since we have moved several times.

This sure does bring back memories. This one will be my second choice.

The yellow colored typewriter is not available but you can find the black colored one by clicking here.

Pink Poodle

Animal lovers, do you mind owning this pink poodle pot at your house or giving it to your family or friends as a gift?

Actually, it is not a bad idea to give any of these teapots to a family or friends. If you have a poodle lover this is definitely a nice gift to give to them.

I wish I could own a poodle but sadly my kids and me are allergic to them. Well, I can alway own this pink poodle and dream about it right?

This pink poodle looks like she is wearing a mink coat and dressing in luxury style. Oh yeah, if you are a cat lover, try the kitty cat one below.

It is in black and white colors with a bird sitting on the cat’s hand. The cover for the teapot is in a heart shape.


More Unusual Cute Teapots

If the above ones are not to your liking how about about the below ones? They are still pretty cool and nice. The toaster one is kind of funny. It’s just reminding you to make some toast while drinking your tea. Hmmm….. Does tea go well with toast?

 Cat Teapot Cat Teapot Pig Teapot Pig Teapot Motorcycle Scooter Motorcycle Scooter