Giant Connect Four Game For Sale

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Giant Connect Four Game

You might like to give these two giant connect four games a try with your kids. They are very much like the regular connect 4 game except they are in super size.

It is time for a change to standing up instead of sitting down on a chair when playing this kind of game. It will help your kids to burn off a few extra calories while playing.

This kind of game is great for either indoors or outdoors. I would prefer to be outdoors when the weather is very nice though. At least I like to see a little extra sun. It may make you feel a lot happier instead of gloomy like on a rainy day.

These games are great to have in a party for birthdays, reunions and holidays. Kids love it and even adults too. Well I am an adult and I love playing it.

The one on the left is called the Jumbo 4-To-Score by the company named ECR4Kids. There are two available colors you can select from.

You can select between the Primary which is the picture on the left and the other one called Vibrant which is mostly in blue color. If you want to see what the Vibrant one looks like you can click here to check it out. This Jumbo 4 to score design is a lot more popular than the one below. It also has very good reviews by users.

Here is what I like about this item.

  • The Jumbo 4 to score is weather and fade resistant. So it it is perfect for outdoor activities.
  • It is very easy to assemble. It takes less than 10 minutes to do it.
  • Disassembling it is just as easy for when it is time to clean up.
  • You can just leave all the rings in the pole for holding while you are still playing the game. No need to hold a lot of rings all at once.
  • If you lose some of your jumbo rings then you can buy more for replacement by clicking here. You know how it goes with kids. They don’t keep track of their stuff. It is very possible to have missing pieces without finding it out when it is time to play this game again.
  • It doesn’t require any hardware to assemble. That makes it very convenient without having to carry extra stuff along with you if it is for outdoors.
  • It is made with heavy duty plastic, so it is durable.
  • Very young kids can play it. The recommended age by the manufacturer is 3 years old and up.

I almost forgot to mention the measurements for this item. It is 48″ W x 22.4″ D x 46″ H. That is almost like 4 feet tall. The weight for this item is about 35.25 pounds.

ECR4Kids ELR-12507 Jumbo 4-To-Score Review

The rating for this ECR4Kids ELR-12507 Jumbo 4 to score is very high. If you don’t believe me, you can find out by clicking the above image. You can also read more reviews.


A lot of fun. Great to play on the beach and any kind of event. Easy setting it up. Great game for all ages.


Several are saying the price is a little high and a couple are saying it won’t hold the rings in while playing the game. If it doesn’t hold the rings that might be due to the item being defective. If that is the case you should ask for an exchange or return by the allowed time frame.

Giant 4 In A Row

Giant 4 In A Row

If you don’t like the Jumbo 4 score game then you might consider this one called the Giant 4 In A Row. It’s made out of wood. The game play is the same but with a a little different design.

If it were me I would most likely choose the colorful red one above because I like it more colorful and it’s a little easier on my eyes.

I also like the part where you are able to hold the rings on the side instead of holding them with your hands. It is simply a matter of preference.

This one is in maroon, black and white. I think it is still pretty nice looking. The bottom of it has two latches to lock the chips from falling down. When you are finished or to start a new game just unlatch the lock to release the chips.

Both styles of the connect 4 game have a recommended age to play them. The recommended age can be as young as 3 years old and of course for older ages as well.


  • Easy to assemble for fast playing games.
  • Easy for storage when it is not being used or to move it to a different location.
  • It is water and all weather resistant.
  • This is 60 percent quieter compared to other competitors when this game is being played.
  • It is 2 feet tall and it is easy even for adults to play with.
  • It has a carrying bag to take all the parts to go wherever you want to take the game with you.

The measurements for this item are 2 feet tall and 3 feet wide and the weight is about 18.12 pounds.


This one is  less popular than the above one. It also has less reviews by users online, but the average rating is very high.

Pros: Fun to play with. Kids love it. Great for indoor or outdoor use. It is sturdy after it has been assembled.

Cons: Users are also saying this one is a little small.

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