Star Wars Dog Costumes For Halloween

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Star Wars Dog Costumes, Star Wars Dog Costumes For HalloweenDo you own a dog and like to dress up your dog with a Halloween costume every year? If you do may I suggest these Star Wars dog costumes? I have eight different styles for you to choose from.

Every styles has its own cuteness and uniqueness. These costumes will certainly bring you a lot of happy smiling faces when they see your dog wearing it.

I am serious. When I first saw these Halloween costumes I was cracking up with laughter and I had to show it to my son and he said they look super funny.

My favorite ones are the Jedi and Yoda costumes. Yes, I like the good guys kind. LOL…..  Of course there are other kinds like Darth Vader, Dewback and others. These costumes are part of the Star Wars pet costumes.

As a matter of fact there are two styles for the Darth Vader costume. You just have to scroll down a little bit from this post to see what it looks like.

I would like to give you a little warning. These kinds of costumes usually sell out pretty fast. If you see the style and have the fitting size you want for your puppy then I suggest you to buy it.

You don’t want to wait for later to get it. When you come back later they might not have the style or size available in stock. I have experienced this quite a lot of times when I was buying Halloween costumes for my kids.

Anyway, I will start off with the least one I would buy. You might have a different opinion than me.

#8 Pet At-At Imperial Walker Costume

To be honest, I don’t particularly know this character very much from Star Wars. But I do recognize it is in the movie.

I don’t usually remember that many minor roles from the bad guy’s side.

This one sure does look like a camel to me when a dog is wearing it. What does it look like to you?

This costume includes the headpiece and pet jacket with leg pieces.

Currently, the available sizes for this item are Small, Medium, Large and X-large.

Be sure to check the size chart for each size.

#7 Star Wars Wampa Pet Costume

Actually this costume is supposed to look like a scary monster, but does this costume look scary to you?

If you ask me it is not scary at all but instead it looks pretty darn cute. Don’t you agree with me?

Oh yeah, if you are going with this costume for your dog, then if you see Luke Skywalker on Halloween then you should make your pal to eat him. Apparently, it is supposed to be like that in the movie. LOL…..

This costume is simple yet it looks pretty cute. The included items for this costume are the headpiece and four foot covers. The available sizes are Small, Medium, Large and X-Large.

The X- Large size might be running out of stock pretty soon. Currently it only has 7 available in that size at the time of creating this post.

#6 Pet Ewok Costume

This character is from the Return of the Jedi. Looks kind of nice to be wearing on a puppy since this character is a bear. It looks pretty much like a teddy bear. Don’t you want to give it a big hug?

If you are thinking the Ewok is weak then you are wrong.  When it comes to war, they actually won the war for the empire by just using sticks and rocks as weapons. If they are weak, then they wouldn’t have won, right?

This costume is in dark brown color with two cute ears. It is made with 100% polyester fleece and faux shearling fabrics.

This comes with a jumpsuit and hood. There are four sizes made available for this costume – small, medium, large and X- Large.

#5 Bantha Pet Dress Up

This looks kind of nice. It looks like a toddler is riding on your puppy. To be honest with you, I don’t really know this Bantha character, but this character is in the Star Wars movie.

As of today May 30, 2018, there is only one size available in stock and that is the standard size. The other sizes are sold out at the moment. Hopefully, the other sizes will be available soon.

If you like this style, and the standard size fits your puppy then you should probably get it since it is almost out.

The attached doll is about 13 inches tall as the rider.

#4 Dewback Pet Dress Up

Here is another style of costume that has a rider on top. The dress up is in white, brown and green colors.

This one also only has the standard size available. Like I said before Halloween costumes usually sell out pretty fast.

The rider is a cute white colored Stormtrooper. At first I thought the doll is sort of a snowman, then I took a closer look at it and it is a Stormtrooper. This doll is about 12 inches tall attached to the costume.

The jacket has four sleeves for your puppy’s legs to easily walk. It also has a tail and velcro to strap around your puppy’s abdomen.

This purchase includes the following items – jacket with attached rider and hood.

# 3 Darth Vader

Would you like your dog to play the role of a villain? Then this Darth Vader is an excellent choice. Well, one of us has to play the villain roles right?

I like the hero roles though. The villain always either dies or is locked up in a jail at the end of the movie. But your puppy won’t be since he is only dressing up in a costume and he won’t go into the dark side. Instead he will be looking pretty cool and awesome with  a lot of praises from admirers.

This costume is in black color with a matching helmet. The included items are shirt, cape and headpiece.

There is another style of the Darth Vader costume for puppies. If you want to know what it looks like, then click here to find out.

#2 Yoda Costume

This is my second choice for a dog costume. Yes, it is Yoda. We think Yoda is a pretty cute and funny costume even if he is a made up character from the movies.

This costume has big and cute green ears. It looks exactly like Yoda and Yoda is a master Jedi. He taught a lot of great Jedis.

The costume is made with 100% Polyester material. This style is made with four available sizes.

Items include the following:

  • Pet Jumpsuit w/attached Plush Arms
  • Yoda ”Ear” Headpiece

Click the check price button to find out the current availability in sizes and stock.

#1 Star Wars Jedi

How many of you have seen a dog Jedi? Not many right? May the force be with you woof woof. LOL……

This is my favorite or number one Star Wars pet costume. I would like my puppy to be a good guy instead of a bad guy, like a hero. It is definitely a cool and cute buy for a dog.

The price might be a little higher when comparing with the other ones on here. Who knows, it might be lower when you check it. But I am guessing most likely it will be out of stock, especially closer to Halloween.

The included items are shirt, belt and hooded cloak. Costume is made with polyester. The shirt and belt attaches with velcro on the back for closure.