Best Handbag Cookie Jars

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best handbag cookie jarsCheck out the best looking handbag cookie jars. Don’t you think they look super cute? I would love to bring one or two home to put my cookies and snacks in. I might also buy one for my friend to give it away as a Christmas present. I bet she will love to get it.

These cookie jars not only keep your cookies and snacks fresh longer, they will also keep bugs away as well, especially ants and cockroaches if your house is infected with bugs. You don’t want them crawling in your snacks, right? Yeah, I feel the same way too.

Most of the cookie jars are made with ceramic materials. So you have to be careful every time when you store your cookies or snacks inside when opening the lid. You wouldn’t want to break it.

You aren’t really limited to put these in the kitchen as cookie jars. It can be put it in your bedroom for decoration or used to store your beauty products.


Ceramic Purse Cookie Jars In 6 Different Styles

Which one of these ceramic purse jars do you like the most? As for me, I like the black and white one and the Navy color one. The Navy one has a little extra sort of pouch looking thing. You can use it to put mints in there.

Black and White Handbag Cookie Jar with Gold Buckle
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Navy Handbag Ceramic Decorative Jars Set
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Westland Giftware Ceramic Betty Boop Handbag Cookie Jar
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Neiman Marcus Red Pleated Handbag Cookie Jar
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Neiman Marcus Beige Quilted Purse Cookie Jar
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Appletree Sugar High Social by Babs Cearmic Cookie Jar
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